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important because by being well-mannered, a guy wont feel embarrassed to take you out to dinner or to meet his family because he knows that youre doing your best

not to provoke an awkward situation. But dont confuse confidence with arrogance! It makes you look playful and joyful, like you have everything figured out. Your scent stimulates a lot of emotions in a guy so this is a sneaky little trick which always works! He wants to feel like he has to put in the work to be worthy of your love and grace. Guys get attracted to a girl who is strong enough to stand up for herself and look after herself. Confidence, confidence is like invisible makeup. It would be nice army to share the same interests. And you shouldnt take that to mean that you should be so high-strung and rigid all of the time. A girl who is comfortable in her own skin is an instant turn on for any guy. Guys love girls who can push themselves to the limit and even cross. Being confident means that you know your worth and you also know how much you can work on yourself. So you cant only be concerned free about how you look if you want to win over the heart of a man.

Itll make you much more appealing. Something so pristine that only those who give enough effort can sex truly see. Unless a guy is up for adoption. There is no way that he would get attracted to a girl looking who just wont grow. Give him a bit of a challenge. Guys prefer girls who are presentable and can carry themselves well. There is a Girl I always dream about. Maturity is the ability to know what to do and what to say at the right time and place. They are strong but beautiful, every guy loves a girl who knows what she wants. Hearing a woman laughing at my bad jokes is awesome.

But it is not the only thing that guys look for. We women, as natural empaths, sleep confidence free is the best accessory you can wear. He wants to be able to earn you.

In all those movies where they showed you that only the damsel in distress gets the Prince was this huge lie.Its how hes going to express his affection for you.This also collaborates with tip number 3, because intelligence is beauty, as are the way you look at the world with gleaming eyes and the way you love unconditionally.


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