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protected. Ovulation takes place midway between your periods that is when you have regular periods, but there is a chance of it to vary from the 8th day to

the 20th day of your cycle. So I went to Planned Parenthood lot get an extra form of protection and to hopefully regulate my period ( I went 8 days after I ovulated and had to pee in cup while I was there. How about unprotected sex before period? Responses (1 search for questions, still looking for answers? There is no way to confirm when you will ovulate though. How to Know If You Are Pregnant? Follow 8 answers. A pregnancy test is the best much way to confirm if you are actually pregnant or something else resulted in a missed period. Updated, topics pregnancy, sex, period, missed period, condom, details: Hi! Now my period is almost 2 days late and I'm really worried I could be pregnant. What it means is that you can still become pregnant if you have unprotected sex before e chances of becoming pregnant may come down a bit when you have sex a week before your period when you may not be ovulating. Most likely you are not pregnant, since there shouldnt be much if any sperm that entered your body. It all depends when you actually ovulate, but you cannot say for sure when you will or will not ovulate. As you can figure, you can still become pregnant if you have unprotected sex before period. There is a chance of becoming pregnant irrespective of when you engage in sexual intercourse without practicing safe sex or using birth control. If you take some of it on your fingers, it will stretch. You may miss your period if you're using birth control pills. What Others Have Experienced and Advised? Hope this helps." "I had sex about 5 days before my period and I became pregnant with a baby girl who is about to be 4 now. Many researchers use the monthly cycle of a woman and calculate the average risk for pregnancy. Is there a chance that I might be pregnant? I am on no birth control and havent taken any emergency contraceptives. Dear Emma, Do you have sex frequently with your boyfriend or was this a first (or at least a rare occasion)? You can now easily find pregnancy test kits at drugstores and use them at home. This is especially true if you have an irregular period. You ovulate when your ovary releases egg, which travels through the fallopian tube. Have you recently changed how you exercise or your diet? Home, q A, questions, protected sex, light. Emma (age 16) writes: Hannah, I had unprotected sex a week before I was supposed to get my period. My last period ended about four weeks ago and then I had protected sex with my boyfriend (a condom was used) about 3 days later. Recently my period has been wonky ( late once, early twice - probably all due to stress). Therefore, it is important to first determine the length of your cycle to know if it is possible to become pregnant when you have unprotected sex before period.

And I never heard anything back from them which is a good thing. The home pregnancy tests come with indian 99 accuracy rate. In a 35day cycle, to err on girl the safe side.

I Had Unprotected, sex Before Period, Can I Be Pregnant?There is a chance of becoming pregnant irrespective of when you engage in sexual intercourse without practicing safe sex or using birth control.I had unprotected sex two days before my period,Could I be pregnant?

You can never be sure if the play 1st person shooter online free ovulation has started. Ve heard that stressing out about sex video girls jerking off old men when you get your period can make it come even later. It is usually nothing more than a twinge in the lower abdomen. But the chances of getting pregnant from that are very slim. S true, but I donapos, i believe you are not going to get pregnant 34 days before your period because the egg usually cannot survive past a day of ovulation.


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Some women even experience a backache by the same time.You will notice certain changes in your body during this time.The following chart gives the ranges: You will experience certain symptoms when you ovulate, which is extremely helpful if your period is irregular.