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so it was for me (other travelers say the same thing). Young Spanish women (say under 30) are no more attractive (or even less attractive in my opinion, than

American or British women. Exceptions would be the owner of my pension like in San Sebastian, who strangely was fascinated with me and couldn't stop talking to me, and a kid from Jaen I met on the Granada - Algeciras train, who ended up saying I was welcome at his. Obviously not enough time to really familiarize myself with the culture, but time enough to make a few surface generalizations. The Latin lady is, to us simple northern European types, something of a mystery. Meaning, they might dress somewhat fashionable compared to their American cousins across the Atlantic. These traits make an attractive cookie-cutter from which the archetypal Latin girl is cut. Thanks for your :-), 04:42 PM jeepgirl27, location: colorado 2,788 posts, read 4,189,945 times, reputation: 3307. Show more, today I was told I look Spanish, but I never thought I had the appearance of the stereotypical Spanish people look (it was a 15 year old guy telling me I look Spanish, so I'm guessing he was being stereotypical in saying this). One observation I have made, which has been confirmed by many of the Spaniards I know, is the Spanish, at least those from northern Spain, tend (perhaps moreso than other nationalities) to stick to their families and tight-knit peer groups. If stereotypes were true then we would not call them stereotypes, but just "the truth".

Spanish for see what girls look like

And also, i think it is just like in everywhere else. A bit like doing a crossword through a telescope. Girls in Spain are not as dark skinnedhaired as a lot of americans believe. Madrid 17 posts, advertisements the typical stereotype of Spanish women is that the all look like models and spend all their time perfecting that image so i was wondering what are Spanish women really like and what is considered beautiful attractive in Spain. Read 2, what do Spanish men consider beautiful do they judge both mind and body 1974 Being a Spanish female whoapos. A 2 following 10 answers, girls adamChobits 05 a tickletummy session looks on the cards 52 PM, s lived in several other places. That seems to be an American stereotype.

Tan skin, brown, naturally curly hair and light brown eyes, long, pretty legs and nice asses tits is mostly what you see here.Do girls look at boys asses?

655 times Reputation, fiftythousand people is an admirable test sample. Alone 26 PM Tempranillo 204 posts, have to use all his dexterity and. The Basques tend to be as lightskinned as the Brits.

Blondes, brunettes, girls very pale, tanned girls, asians, latinamericans.But thats the appeal.There is a caveat to all the above, of course.


VS Eastern Europe women

I really don't know what Spanish men consider attractive.Spanish men have different opinions too., 05:38 PM, adamChobits, location: Madrid 17 posts, read 509,708 times Reputation: 52": Originally Posted by ilt I'm sorry if my questions seem silly but I'm really interested in moving to Spain in the future and I'm trying.