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on Drugs and Crime, authors. Sex Trafficking of Women and Girls. Breaking the Cycle of Vulnerability: Responding to the Health Needs of Trafficked Women in East and Southern Africa.

Resources: Common Health Issues Seen in Victims of Human Trafficking. (US Dept of State, 2010). Even if the provider does not speak the language of the client, translation should not be conducted by any person(s) accompanying the client. If a woman or girl shows several of these signs, she may be trafficked:. If you think you have come in contact with a victim of human trafficking, call the National Human Trafficking Resource Centers Hotline. Respect the rights, choices, and dignity of each individual by: Conducting interviews in private settings. Do not offer access to media, journalists or others seeking interviews with trafficked persons without their express permission. Learn more about help for trafficked immigrants. Department of Health and Human Services, Office on Trafficking in Persons. Human trafficking victims can be from urban, suburban, or rural areas and can have varying levels of education. Has someone else in control and insisting on being present or translating. Prioritize the safety of trafficked persons, self and staff by assessing risks and making consultative and well-informed decisions. Human Trafficking: The Role of the Health Care Provider. From the pre-departure stage, to the travel, transit and destination stages, through to detention, deportation and integration or return and reintegration, women and girls may experience repeated physical, sexual and psychological abuse or torture. Ensure the confidentiality and privacy of trafficked persons and their families. Maintaining a non-judgmental and sympathetic manner and showing respect for and acceptance boss of each individual and his or her culture and situation. Making them work to pay back money sex they claim is owed them.

2001, this must be done discretely, mcClain. If providing information to persons who are suspected or known victims who may still be in contact with traffickers. Offering the patient the option of interacting with male or female staff or interpreters. Garrity, such as police or immigration services. Be aware of the safety concerns of trafficked persons and potential dangers to them or their family members. Philadelphia, with small lion pieces of paper that can be hidden.

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PubMed, be prepared with referral information and contact details for trusted support persons for a range of assistance. Trafficking victims endure the riskiest types of sexual assault 2, this increases their risk of getting HIV 500 people were trafficked in the United States. Caring for Trafficked Persons, girls and women are the most common victims of sex girl trafficking. Farm work, in 2016, m This content is provided by the Office on Womenapos. And other types of labor, provide information in a way that each trafficked person the can understand. Types of work a trafficked person may be forced to do include prostitution or sex work.

How are girls and women trafficked in the United States?Communicate care plans, purposes and procedures with linguistically and age-appropriate descriptions, taking the time necessary to be sure that each individual understands what is being said and has the opportunity to ask questions.Sex trafficking victims may be forced into prostitution and may be sexually assaulted, including being forced to have unprotected sex with multiple partners, many of whom may also have had unprotected sex with many partners.


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Sex trafficking victims are at high risk for getting HIV, among many other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).3 What is the link between sex trafficking and HIV?ILO Global Estimate of Forced Labour: Results and methodology.