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sit down with their woman and fully communicate. Fully Communicate as in a mutual conversation on things that mean a lot to you, not just you acting as if youre listening to her ramble off into the wee hours of the morning about what one of her co-workers, whom you have never met. Make the conversation mutual, listen to her talk, give conscious feedback and vice vera. With some women bad sex is a total deal breaker and to some its either not that serious or looked at as something that can be taught. Do something she is not used to and send her on a chase, make her say to herself wait I thought he wanted. Again, this doesnt mean that a man has to buy trendy clotheswear a scentor look like an obsessive gym rat. It does mean that he needs to master the basics of good grooming and hygiene. We distilled these desirable traits down to 10 core qualities that women repeatedly rated as the primary things they look for in a man. 4 he Has A Sense of Humor. Despite what most guys think, the signs of confidence that great women look for in a man have nothing to do with acting tough or dominant. A confident man also doesnt obsess about what other people think. The mans job is to be the provider and women hold men to that very idea, if you are over 25, without a college degree or job/career honey, you are highly unstable. Maybe you are highly attractive and youve grown accustomed to the opposite sex flocking to you, fellas this is your opportunity to do something she is not used. Men we have to want to trust that you can be responsible and hold it down for us ladies. Yeah so she gets a little beside herself and talks too much, if you really want to be with this woman then deal with. Women really cannot stand immature men so if you are immature either grow up or find an immature woman to be with. Above all, he isnt needy, clingy, and always trying to be the center of attention. Women need a man that is secure not only financially, internally but physically as well. File this one under No-Brainera great sense of humor is the most instant, obvious, magnetic force that makes sex a woman sense a mans confidenceand therefore feel the first sparks of attraction for him. Hes Humble, this is a big one. Now, keep in mind ladies this isnt a one-way street, you have to enter the relationship demanding respect because the way you start a relationship is the way you finish. She tells you these things because she trusts that she can come to you and confide in you when she wants to get something off of her chest. So, without further ado, read on for the top 10 qualities women want men to have, and how you can start showing them: Start With #10, what Women Want, dating. Thats why, i suggest that guys do whatever they can to cultivate a comic sensibility, even it means just reading a few books about the theory and structure of comedy and timing. Oh dont worry fellas, we are well aware of the stares and cat calls you often make to get our attention. A woman wants to know that you pay enough attention to her to notice that she got a new cut or changed her hair color. Say it with me fellas, fully communicate. Because, if a man doesnt have it together enough to attend to his own needs, a quality woman knows right away that theres no way he can possibly attend to hers.

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Do something creative for me or. Act like, being honest and having a good. Once a man has a daughter one of his astro top priorities is to protect his daughter. But all the women the we asked about this issue were decisive about what they wanted out of a man. This is your monkey wrench per se and get prepared to toss it her way.

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The first thing most women look for are sure signs of confidence. Leaning back while keeping his body open and facing forward when conversing. Then we cant count on you to sex not get ghost once a child is involved. Knowing which qualities women find most attractive can be a crucial step in moving from single to being in a relationship. Chances drastically increase that shell start feeling it for him. If you dont pay your rentbills on time every month but hop on a new pair of Jordans as soon as they come out. T" mind you this is number 9 because while its not at all all about looks. Which automatically deems, it means handling the opinions, and attitudes of others with grace. And coming across as comfortable in your own skin. Pressures, but only if hes humble enough to add a comment like.

Like I always say, any jerk can act cocky with a womanbut coming across as confident requires something else: the ability to control what you say and do so that you never come across as above anyone else.After playing a game so long it gets boring because it is predictable, you already know what that person is going to do or say.


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If you dont take responsibility for your own business, we know that we definitely cant count you to take responsibility for anything or anybody else.Women, you cant demand these things from a man unless youve got it together yourself.