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strong connection. Once the user gets online then the server uploads the content to users app. So no amount of data that we send gets hosted while both users

are synced online. The user has not still read your message till both the ticks get blue in color and thus in case the network on the other device was not proper, the messages might not have been sent and you can check it by asking your friend. Read Also: 6 Ways to Backup Whatsapp Messages on Google Drive. Even the encrypted content happens on the App level and only delivery process is passed through their server. Vishal Achari : ) 263k Views, view 43 Upvoters, answer requested by, emima Elisabeth. If you are sending the content while being online and user is not online, and he's not getting the content when he comes online, then there is issue with shemale fuck female free videos the WhatsApp delivery mechanism. It May high school student dates mature women Also Happen When You Try To Open Multiple Accounts within the Same Device. Suppose you had purchased a new phone and it took you some time to install whatsapp with the number that you were using with the old Smartphone, the messages wont be delivered in this case. In such case the data is stored on their server. This application enabled you to share contacts, location, pictures, songs as well as videos to your friends and thus proves to be a better approach in the field of chatting enabled applications. If you are sending the content while both you and another user being online and data is not being received then also there is issue with Whatsapp. Hello i have one friend on whatsapp, so i sent to him 2 messeges but he didnt recived them so the messeges were with one check mark, after maybe 24 hours or less, i enter in whatsapp and i see that he changed his photo. Also in case of the source being offline and then data is being sent from the Whatsapp server in his/her absence to make the message reach the destination. Storage only happens when source and destination goes offline alternatively. Any idea or same issue? Therefore, the user may be offline, but on your side it seems as if he is online because thats when his phone (or yours) freezed. Solution 1: Try sending the person a whatsapp message using another phone. So check whether your message are getting delivered or not. This can be checked by looking at tick mark beside your message.

And if you are sending the data and user is not online but youapos. Whatsapp is a cross platform that enables people to chat with their relatives and friends making use of free slave sex movie scenes data based plans on a whatsapp enabled system. The receiver has a weak internet connection. And im in europe he is in asia maybe because of this. Does that mean data is never stored. When you send messages to another user. You will get a reply, my friend turning off the phone usualy.

The person s whatsapp (or yours) has freezed due to connection issues.When there is poor internet connection, Whatsapp may freeze.

This might also make the white girl fat ass sex messages undelivered. WhatsApp doesnapos, and if you are too worried. Where Do iPhone Backups Get Stored. Timestamp updates happen dependent on the receptions will miss me capacity to receive the update.

Thanks for the A2A.If you are sending the data and you get two gray ticks from your end, and user is not online, in such case the data is still registered with time stamp and packet on server.So you may send update today and if user turns on the device after 2 days then the timestamp will reflect that specific time when the delivery happened on the device.


WhatsApp Message Sent, Delivered and Read Status

It Happens When You Try Switching the Device.Still if the problem comes up then, you need to uninstall your app and then reinstall it or check for updates.( I did this, worked for.).