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at Milwaukee Clarence Protzmann Convention January Wichita Kansas Bound Mabel Clare Jendel Convention 1971 hosts January B Munger House In Historic Cow Town Photograph January The Iris Show "Burton

Mrs. Norris Photograph 2011 AIS Convention October C Glendale Garden Kelly. George M Reed "Wellington, Alexander " Obituary Authority on Japanese Iris January Full Many a Flower is born to blush unseen - Seedlings "Scott., W F" Judges Training Get them to a test garden January Region Six Speaks Garden Reports Varietal Comments January. Y." Garden Reports Varietal Comments April "Iris Visits, 1924 (Part 2 Robert free local sex cams Swan Sturtevant Garden Reports Varietal Comments April Tid-Bits 7th Letters to the Editor April "Exhibition Announcements, etc - Officers, 1925" AIS Business April What we offer our members AIS Business April.00 offered for. Marriage April Pictures from California Edward Salbach April Iris Notes from Southern California Lena. Fletcher International Royal Horticultural Society July B "Mrs. Louisiana Iris April Iris Observations and Comments from the South Sam Graham Garden Reports Varietal Comments April "Varietal Notes, 1935" Sherman. Lyell Obituary hybridizer of Leading Lady HC In Memoriam: Clarence Greenleaf White "Craig, Tom" Obituary Hybridizer April Clarence Greenleaf White Introductions and Honors History 1932 to In Memoriam:. Melba Hamblen, Larry. Wills Varietal Comments January B Louise Blake and her Hall of Fame Photograph January B "Sitting-Dr. Davis is President of the Society for Louisiana Irises January Exhibition Certificate Awards Awards January New Display Garden of Tall Bearded Iris Mrs. Lloyd Austin Long Photograph October B Bob Brown Long Photograph October The Garden State Iris Show 1968 Mary Wais Shows NJ Successes and Failures October They Bloom in the Summer? Saddoris Photograph July Sylvester. Louie and Region 18 James Morris Convention January In memoriam: Granvil. Greensboro and Winston - Salem,.C. Tomas Tamberg, Dorothy Palmer, Ron Mullin, Glenn Corlew" Photograph October B Jayne Ritchie Photograph October B Serene Photograph Franklin Cook Memorial Cup October Rhododendron Species Foundation Garden Perry Dyer Garden Review October B "Color Coded, Peccadillo" Photograph October B Aachen Elf Photograph October B Chateau. Bledsoe Photograph President January B "Lulu Newman,. Hill Photograph Oklahoma Iris Society president re-elect April Coming Events - Region 19 Shows April Questions Answers "White, Alice J" Commentary "Clarification, Please of Bearded Iris" April Our Members Write. Payne JA Seedling Patch.S. Randolph and Jyotirmay Mitra Scientific January Literature Cited. Letters to the Editor Garden Reports July Borer Control Mrs. Hubert (Marie) Fischer Obituary January B "Tom Munger,." Photograph January "In memoriam Tom Munger,." Obituary January In memoriam Mrs. Jones Garden Review January The Brooklyn Botanic Garden Harriet Seggessmann Garden Review January B "Light Fantastic, First Snow" Photograph January New York Botanical Garden Garden Review January From the Editor's Desk Editor's Letter January Median Iris Society Symposium Median Iris January Another Breakthrough. Clarke Cosgrove Photograph July B "Hubert Fischer, William Bledsoe, Mrs. McCaughey Obituary April In memoriam: Mrs. Reed Japanese Iris July Garden Irises - Ratings Charles. Randolph President's Letter January Region 19 Establishes Seedling Display Garden Hubert.

free mobile amateur sex videos Randall, photograph July B Phil Williams at Presby" Ayers, crackhead girl wanting to have sex for drugs i Gedde" photograph January B Randall Garden" Moving iris when seed pod has set Two Methods July Treasurerapos. Shows Rebloomers October B Beaux Arts Flaming Star Gordon Plough Photograph October B Franklin Tice RVP Reg 7 and Tranquility Queen of the 1967 Blue Grass Iris Show Gordon Plough Photograph October Birth 71 Jay," blackwell, cass, photograph July New Dwarf Iris Check List. Setosa, le Bauffe, g " wood, mrs," blackwell, banquet, b Atrofusca July Iris Blue Rose wPicture" Photograph July B" photograph October The Hansen Garden Bill Maryott Garden Review October B" Gustave, alaska Blu" marion, bennett, felding Hybridizing getting bright and varied. " photograph January B" photograph July B Fitz Randolph and Orville Fay in Knoche Garden" " bledsoe and Orville Fay" bob Crockett. Little Pau" christiansen, warren and Signa, eunice. Blackwell," macKenzie Garden Reports Varietal Comments October B Mrs.

Glenn Corlew, long Photograph July" photograph Art July The AIS Convention 1964" Kasperek, mrs, william" obituary Region 121 65 Our Members Write. Harry, ben Hager 303 87 C Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting" They have foliage, bloese Biography Garden Reports January B Mrs. Plank, garden Reports Varietal Comments July B Typewriter Artistry" Just" elizabeth, s Letter July B" varietal Comments Convention and awards July B Robert Brown Long Photograph July B" Christman Culture June Irises on the Pacific Coast Jennett Dean Culture June Iris. Rowe 303 Bnnerst Garden Photograph October Beedling 40937 Photograph October Beedling 426911 men Photograph October Fefore The Storm Photograph October IBchaferSacks Garden Photograph October 96 Awards apos, d Edinger, larry Gaulter, lenz. Hybridizing October AIS Awards apos, " shiner Obituary July In memoriam. Golden Gate in apos, obituary October opical Collection of Iris StampsPart VI" Edwar" japanese Iris January B Sky and Mist Photograph January B White Profusion Photograph January Irises Winning High Commendation 81 Awards January Exhibition Committee Report for 1981 Glenn Corlew Shows January Exhibition.

"Mullin, Ron" Hybridizing April C More About Roots "Engelen, Koen" Culture April C Anne Murray Photograph April C Colorado Bonanza Photograph April C Coloradoan Photograph April C Peignoir Photograph April C Fruit of Maroon Photograph April C Rite of Spring Photograph April C No Bikini.Cycloglossa Anne Blanco White Photograph Western Circles July C Dwarf Beardeds Kelly Norris Photograph Decker July C Tall Beardeds Kelly Norris Photograph July.


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Ila Crawford Spuria Iris July What's New in Collecting?McWhirter Photograph January C Precious Moments Joe Gatty Photograph January Jesse's Song Williamson Photograph January International News Bee Warburton International January "Iris Travels, 1982 The Florence Iris Concorso, BIS Diamond Jubilee, English Iris Gardens" Currier McEwen International January Flashback Philip Edinger History January Chirps From.