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sets and learning characteristics that are necessary for a successful online education experience. Asuume that taking initiative on your part will be positively received and will maximize your

learning. How are your problem-solving skills? Stay Motivated, don't lose track of why you're putting in the work and hours on an online class. Backup all work that you have downloaded and completed. By doing so, you will gain a better grasp of the course material and avoid feeling isolated. This page outlines the qualities and skills you need to be a successful online learner. (a) Can you prioritize your workload; or (b) Do you procrastinate and easily distracted? Write down your own goals for the class and remind yourself of them often. This content is licensed under. The learning process requires you to make decisions based on facts as well as experience.

Are you ready to be an online student personal skills

Graduatelevel courses what makes a person lactose intolerant as adults will likely require more time per week. Be proactive with studying and asking for help if you need. Is online learning right for you. Do you need reminders for deadlines. Tips to Succeed Online page for more ways to prepare yourself to thrive in online courses at ACC.

It s up to you to schedule time for the class materials and work and make sure it gets completed.In order get the most out of our online courses, you need to plan for success.You will have to complete assignments on time and prepare for tests, the same as students in traditional classes.

And sometimes, s up to you to schedule time for the class materials and work and make sure it gets completed. But without a regular inperson class schedule. You should also feel comfortable participating in class discussions that might take place using webconferencing technology. Rely on and be responsible to your peers in your course. Do you usually comprehend checks written material. And offer help to other students if you can. Without nic the need to show up in a particular place at a designated time each week.

Pay close attention and follow instructions given by the instructor.The lectures are typically condensed to a 10-15 minute presentation and require your active listening skills to integrate the video lectures with the readings and the other requirements of the course.If your answers lean toward (b you may want to reconsider taking online courses.


Are you ready to be an online student?

You cant afford to get behind.Please dont hesitate, if necessary, to communicate with your instructor by phone.(a)Will you schedule enough time to accomplish an online course like you would in a traditional course setting; or (b) Will your online course be low priority in your schedule?