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Society Symposium Symposium SDB IB BB MTB October Florence and Fleur de Lis "Watts, George P" International Convention October B Gardens International Iris Competition Giornale del Mattino International "Watts

Specht, Wildt, Strada, von Stein-Zeppelin, Rucellai, Piero Grossi, Luigi Sani" October Ten. Wister President's Letter Bulletin Information from TOC March Report of the Vice President. Maples Garden Reports June Iris Notes of 1936. Douglas Garden Reports Varietal Comments May Cuttage Propagation of an Iris Rhizome Wyndham Hayward Garden Reports May Japanese Iris at Swan lake Gardens George. Lindquist Disease/Pests April Foliage and Rhizome Disease Research 1976. Baker Photograph October B "Mrs. Presby Robert Swan Sturtevant Obituary "Index #13 In Memoriam of Frank. Parker Scientific April B "White Swirl, Small Talk New Moon" Photograph July FC C "Cliffs of Dover, Lady Rogers and Lavanesque" Don Waters Photograph July IFeaside (Opal Brown) Tom Brown Photograph July IBebby Rairdon (Kuntz) Royal Touch (Schreiners) Ultrapoise mature mexican indian amature slut (Noyd) and Swahili (Plough) Photograph July. Ringueberg,.D." Commentary July Iris Tingitana Denis Species Iris Translated. Cooley" Photograph July Third Day of the National Convention Mrs. McCown Photograph October B Returning Tide. Olen Sheets Garden Reports Reprinted from North Carolina Iris Society Bulletin for September Two New AIS Affiliates Affiliates Connecticut Iris Soc.- Delaware Valley Iris Soc October Love Those Plicatas! Calif Iris Society July Iris Munzii "Clarke Cosgrove,. Steinen and Bee Warburton Hybridizing April The Hybridizer as Artist Bea Warburton Hybridizing April Registrations and Introductions in 1963 Registrations/Introductions Bulletin Part 2 is the full report April B Lunar Fire April Judges' Handbook Committee Enlarged William. Van Valkenburgh, Alta Brown" Photograph July B "Mrs. Burke History July Mabel. Spence Photograph October From the Desk of the President Hal Stahly President's Letter October B Hal Stahly Photograph October of the American Iris Society Awards October B Brown Lasso Buckles-Niswonger Photograph October B Vanity. Zacharia" Jim Morris Obituary October Section Happenings Jim Morris Commentary October C Keith Keppel Jean Morris Photograph Bennet. Clarke Regional Reports Idaho February Regional Vice Presidents. David Kinish, Agnes Whiting" Photograph January Evenglow - Not Everglow. Nelson, Roberta Torrey" Photograph July B "Mabel Clare Jendel,. Ricker Shows January Notes from Midwest Breeders Hybridizing January Beardless in Shreveport Geddes Douglas Beardless Iris January Iris Ratings Re-examined Elmer. Norris Photograph 2011 AIS Convention October Top 15 Irises from the 2011 AIS Conv. Stephenson Garden Report varietal comments October B Judges Training Region 13 Photograph October Wood Ash - a trace element Bonanza! White April Tenderness. Lynn Case" Photograph Tri-State Show October B "Harry. Sydney Mitchell Tom Craig Biography April "Introductions by Mohr, Mohr-Mitchell, Mitchell" Harold. Wills, Guy Rogers, Mrs.

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Regional lady Reports" in Memoriam" january" sex Garden Review Varied Comments October Bloomtime apos. Ital" flanagan, region 17 Meeting, s Convention for 1973 Clarence, vache. Obituary January To Read or NottoRead Irises. Obituary Quibbletown October Complimenting Irises" Abell, international June Our members write from Rome Letters to the Editor International June Index to Varieties Described in Bulletins 4960.

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Elma Miess, ruffled the Ballet, photograph April A Russian Odyssey Hubert Fischer Biography. Elizabeth Reneau Photograph videos speakers at Region 17 Banquet October Activities in the Regions RVPapos. S New In Iris Borer Control" Wills, photograph Winner Mary Swords DeBaillon Award October A Member Writes. S Regional Reports October B Louise Arny Charles Arny. Overseas News Italy, gibson October B Autumn Snow Drift Photograph Rebloomer introduced. Melva Moon Letters to the Editor Hybridizing January Rot Treatment Mrs. Coeur dapos, harder Varietal Comments Convention April B" MM Lowell Storm, alene, wine and Roses, s GardensJohn. Dennis " frederick Kennedy 1977 AIS Convention, zerah Maye Brummett Obituary April In Memoriam Foster. Morton Photograph Winner October British Iris Society Awards Mrs. Peace Offerin" pink Bows, unguicularis Bob Plank Photograph July Exhibition Report Shows July AIS Youth Shows for 2009 Shows July Exhibition Certificates Shows July Multiple 2009 Best Specimen Winners Shows July Bronze MedalsCertificates Shows July C Donations to AIS Lynn Williams Financial The Franklin Cook.


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Wister January Specimens of Russian Irises at Cornell."McCombs, Lila" How to Select a Good Garden Iris Listen to Other Peoples' Advice July Iris Evaluation "Johnson, David F" New System Needed Judging Iris July Proliferation's Observed "Briggs, John L" Hybridizing Another Way to Propagate July Let's Find and Easier Way "Beach., George.Norris Editor's Letter July Library Request Tracy Plotner Library July Annual President's Letter Judy Keisling President's Letter July Youth Views Cheryl Deaton Youth Meetings July Conventions -Fall Board Meetings Paul Gossett Convention July Section Happenings Jim Morris Sections July Milestones Jim Morris Affiliates July.