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trained them where to put the different types of things that got sent home, like returned work went into the velcro envelope, newsletters and tests (stamped with a "parent signature" stamp and returned the next day) go in the front binder pocket, homework goes. Six labels per sheet (3 1/3" X 4 Do You Like Our Printables? But I absolutely love then! They are to be signed by a parent at night. (A big thanks to her for having a sharing heart!) Letter Home / Cover Frog Books From. When your child has mastered a word list, this is where you will find his/her new hool Notes - This folder will contain any notes sexy female bowhunters form school from our principal, school nurse, or any other school personnel or rent/Teacher Communication - This section will. They put the bag and all into their backpacks or they carry them sep! Kestner's Hoppin Good First Grade ml I have used them for 2 years now, and have nothing but wonderful comments on them. . The older grades use assignment books) The last 2 years, I called mine moose books, but this coming year, I will change it to rainbow (Responsibility, Achievemnet, Information, Neatness, Better Organization Wins!) The last two years, I bought the cheap 58 cent binders from wal-mart. Marcia Shelberg Teaching Heart Mailring Teachers Share their ideas on the Moose System! I'm actually doing it with another teacher this year and he said he would fund both. . During the lunch time, I checked homework, put in graded papers to go home, read and responded to parent notes in the moose. . A lot of the colors, textures and patterns in our work, are inspired by this art form. I will update them over the summer). After homework is explained we pass the books out and they put their homework into the homework pocket themselves. I cannot spend a lot of money for notebooks (every pennyis going to my daughter's wedding)so I plan toimprovise a little. Eagles files in Print Shop Format Sent in by Tiffani at (A big thanks to her for having a sharing heart!) Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, Page 7, Page 8, Page 9, Last Daisy Binder Printables -. The back pocket of the notebook should be used to place fun sheets, notes, etc. I have devised a system to help your child stay organized, but I will need your help on a daily basis. Fiften minutes before dismissal we have a homework meeting and they know that any papers in the homework pocket should be brought to the meeting. I'll have two student files. I printed out the basic idea from this site. Also, I try and use red folders for the girls and blue folders for the boys. I usually buy the 3 ring binders at Office Depot and then ask the parents to buy the dividers and notebook bags for pencils. I didn't do the moose this past year because I was having a lot of personal demands (both the younger and older generations) and I just couldn't get. . This gives me four pockets labeled: HomeworkSpelling, Important Notes, Keep at Home. My parents paid for them. I put most of them together for under.50 because I shopped at the back to school sales at Wal-Mart, Target and Staples.

I started with the back and work my way forwards. I will try another one for next year. Appointment Book, t send it home every day and for notes so I could make sure and look when there was a note. Janna I too have and used the moose binders the past 2 years. Petty Cash, praise the owner if the binder is orderly and explain all notes that are in there. It actually taught them to follow oral directions 8 then continue with numbers only until a month change. I take out one binder from my box. Ve used moose notebooks for 4 years now.

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Ll continue to do that, we also have an assignment notebook. They said it worked great and the parents could see right away what needed attention that night. Cover print and place on the front of your binders Labels For Sections print these on white mailing labels purchased from an office store. If you invest in the plastic pocket folders. It will free be a lot cheaper. Hopefully, all parents paid, you will probably be able to use them again.


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Some people call them a school planner or an agenda.Annual Salary Increase, notice of, meeting, workplace Safety Checklist.