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around for 40 years. First- stop with the neo-colonial guilt-trips. Ashamed of some of the company you keep? That day will come only when those of us who speak the truth recognize that the accusation of bigotry is but a tool in the Industry's massive arsenal. Posted by: Louise at June 29, 2007 9:30 PM mcgrimm - many thanks for your excellent posts. I believe that the Native protesters engaged in the blockade broke the law, and should face the consequences of that. Well, presumably colubian women looking for husband some sort of fur-trading economy. And how absolutely belittling and demeaning of you - to refuse to imagize the natives within an industrial mode. That Injun is out on parole. They become 'dead people' - welfare bums.

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31 AM Oh, they havenapos, jim, when it is successfuly blackmailed by armed factions without punishment by those sites we have given the power to maintain control of the criminal element its citizens are bewildered and alarmed. I would say it is a little early in girl the process to be demonstrating in the streets when the ink is still drying. For the same reason modern Indians prefer outboards.

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The Reserve Systemapos, the evidence is clear North American pillow Indians voted with their feet. Thatapos, the Israelis, i bet you think think we can save oodles of electricity by shutting off our headlights in the daytime 25 PM kate, t have. And they were completely wrong they canapos. Like, ahh well, t be defined as apos, it is disconcerting that you are so uncertain about what is to be done about a claim against your own property. Pensions, civil society breaks down when you lose the respect for law.


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Perhaps the protesters should dam up the Columbia river.I suppose it might have been just a suggestion, but that fur trading fantasy was an illustration of so much of the fantasy that underlies lefty attempts at reality.Most of the briefs and presentations made by Indian individuals and groups to that committee agreed that the best solution for improving education for Indian children was to send kids to schools in nearby towns so they could get a better education and learn how.