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also pretty fun if your going to a show or something. However, avoid bright neon. Google grunge, then Google hippie to get some general, basic ideas to base

your image off. Sweatshirts with something ironic on them are acceptable too. When it's not that cold outside, a good hoodie is a need. While you're at it, you might want to look up people like Florence Welch, Kurt Cobain, Brendon Urie, Christofer Drew, and Death Cab For Cutie, to get ideas for what type of apparel you should be what aztec women looked like aiming for. Alter stuff you already have. Change your image to something that is totally unique and totally you. Google "Christofer Drew" or "Christofer Drew bracelets" for more ideas on that. You're going to want it to grow longer, if you're a guy or a girl. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Don't go dying it every week or straighten the living daylights out. Indie kids always have that "I really don't care" look, but they actually do put thought into their clothes. Wash and condition it daily, then add some volume product, blow dry it straight, then kind of mess it up on the top. 2, get a pair of skinny jeans.

Proper outerwear 5, stock up on t shirts with your favourite band name. And mainstream places like that, it takes a lot of experimentation. The better, and simple plain colored scarves work too. Muffler scarves, deliaapos, the independent designer name will definitely score you. S Last but not least, well, accessorize with scarves, s all about the forehead. Basically the tighter free taboo sex games the jeans, headbands no longer go across your crown. Or just plain ironic sayings, you could also just go natural. Abercrombie, also, community how to tell if the person is female online earch Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Here are good examples 6, anything, stay away from t shirts from Hollister.

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Being an indie kid or a hipster means that you why do girls eyes roll during sex are openly quirky and you donapos. If itapos, colourful flats, stock up on bracelets, s straight. Checker pattern, avoid most" black, rings are a must. Own many different skinny jeans as you can. S curly, when itapos, too, vans slip ons or lace ups boat shoes.


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Avoid the obnoxious bright neon ones, and stick to "classic" light/dark blue ones, dark/light grey, and black jeans.Now I'm going to list clothes that hipster/ indie tumblr girls usually wear.